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Title Examinations

Quinnipiac Title Services provides a full range of residential and commercial title examinations including but not limited to full searches, two deed searches, current owner searches, deed searches and recordings.

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Municipal Departments

Quinnipiac Title also provides a wide range of municipal agency reviews, including, but not limited to Building department files, certificate of occupancy searches, planning and zoning reviews as well as many other departmental file reviews.

Court Examinations

Quinnipiac Title can provide review of Superior Court foreclosure files, Probate Court files and Bankruptcy files.


We accept overnight delivery, faxed or emailed documents. Quinnipiac Title Services strives to keep its clients happy by closing loans on time and at the borrower's convenience. For a small additional fee we can facilitate signings in the borrower's home or at their work place.

We provide the following closing services:

Notary Closings

Witness Only Closings

Attorney Closings (Quinnipiac Title Services, LLC can arrange for an attorney to represent you in the transaction if necessary).

Historical Title Searches

Have you ever wondered who owned your property before you? Our title searchers can trace the ownership of any property  backward and give you each owner’s names and copies of the deeds.  And depending upon the property, we may even be able to provide you with other historical information about your property, like when your house was built, copies of old maps and surveys, and the like.  This is a specialized product and service, please call us for additional information.

Our attorneys are agents for the following title insurance companies:

Please Note: Quinnipiac Title Services, LLC is not a law firm and is not authorized to practice law in the State of Connecticut . Quinnipiac Title Services, LLC may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal services. If you are in need of legal services please see our links page for reputable area lawyers.

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